This Counts. It takes one day.
Notre Dame Cheer
By This Counts
Mishawaka, IN
Join the movement.
The idea is simple. Every little bit helps. Every action counts. Every time you "Just Move" your body you take part in a movement to improve health and wellness in Michiana. This Counts provides the foundation for all of us in this community to do what we can to bring exercise and nutrition into our lives. By creating and sharing your "This Counts" videos, you're doing your part for the community. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Just move.
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A great way to get your friends involved. #ThisCounts

About 1 days ago

@englishjer The fact that there are many new stuffs to learn about Eng, yet I just can't stop myself from discovering them all #ThisCounts ?

About 4 days ago

Wheelbarrow Races
Mishawaka, IN
Log Toss
Mishawaka, IN
Team Jump Rope
Mishawaka, IN